Our Monthly Magazine titled ‘SAMAAVESHITA’, with an aim to promote inclusiveness, awareness, and discussions, in line with our three-fold approach of research, advocacy, and outreach, will be published by the centre under the following guidelines –

The task to publish the magazine will be taken up by the members of the Research Team, along with support from the Advisory Board, Research Panel, Editorial Board and the Design Team.

Each month, the magazine will include content based on a different theme, which will be decided beforehand, jointly by the Research Team and the Managing Team, in consultation with the Advisory Board.

The content in the magazine, including but not limited to articles, illustrations, poems, artwork, and news updates, will be divided into the following parts:


This section will contain editorials, opinion pieces, policy analysis, and other similar entries from luminaries in the field of LGBTQIA+ Rights and Gender Studies. 


The section will contain entries from team CARPAL. Most of the content in this section, including news updates, reports, and the likes, will be developed and curated by the Research Team itself, but other teams will also be allowed to submit entries.


This section will include content for which entries will be open to everyone. However, the content here will be very limited and subject to strict scrutiny by the research team

The team also hopes to make this magazine as inclusive and interactive as possible, and for that we aim to also include content such as puzzles, quizzes, trivia, and the likes.​

Please note that above mentioned guidelines are only preliminary and suggestive, the exact nature of the same will be decided and taken up by the concerned team, as and when the magazine is initiated.