Celia is an entrepreneur, motivational speaker, D&I champion, Blogger composer, musician, photographer and a filmmaker. She currently resides in southern California with her family. She is an Asian Indian who identifies as Gender Fluid and expresses as a Non-op trans women of color. 


She is also a management Consultant with over 20 plus years of demonstrated success in operating, growing and spearheading strategic media, healthcare and life sciences engagements for the fortune 100 companies across the globe.



Pallavi Mahajan is a Gender Rights Advocate and Diversity and Inclusion Strategist working for economic independence and social visibility of Genders through academic research, policy interventions and advocacy initiatives. She is also a co-founder of an inter-sectional feminist NGO called ‘The Azaad Initiative, which works towards making ‘Gender’ an integral part of the milieu and challenge its various paradoxes and conflicts. Being an United Nations '2019- Gender and Sexuality Fellow', she has worked closely with the marginalised gender community in India and co-organised a gender-inclusive career fair in Mumbai LGBTQIA+ community.




Heather Katharine Allansdottir is a Faculty Member of the Law and Social Sciences Department at Bifröst University and a researcher of constitutional law and human rights law. She has a doctorate from Oxford University in comparative constitutional law and an MA in human rights law from the University of Bologna and University of Sarajevo. She has worked as a journalist and a researcher of human rights in the Balkans, former Soviet Union, Middle East and Australia. She published a book on freedom of expression in 2013 and her books on polar law, and comparative constitutional law, are both forthcoming.



She is an advocate, specializing in laws related to sexual harassment, gender and child rights. She is the Founder of POSH at Work, a legal-psychology firm, which is also empanelled by Ministry of Women & Child Development, Government of India since February, 2017. As part of POSH at Work, she is currently working with 300+ organizations on compliance with POSH law and assisting them in creating a healthier, safer, diverse and more inclusive work environment.


She has co-authored a book titled ‘Handbook on the Law of Sexual Harassment,’ (both editions published by Thomson Reuters). She has also spoken at various events including, Women Economic Forum (Kerala), CII (IWN) etc. 



Nupur Dhakephalkar is a registered clinical psychologist based in Pune, India. She has an M.Phil. in Clinical Psychology (NIMHANS) and a diploma in Clinical Hypnotherapy. She is the founder and Chief clinical psychologist of the Center for Mental Health, Pune. Nupur is a visiting faculty at the Department of Psychology at the Savitri Bai Phule Pune University. With work experience of 8+ years, she is involved in LGBTQIA+ mental health issues and works with many clients from the community. She recognises that there is a big lacuna in the research material and authentic knowledge base which needs to be filled.